Important Birthday Magic Show Questions

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How much does the birthday magic show cost?

Is the kids magic show going to scare any of the children?

How far do you travel?

What if you're booked up? What do I do then?

How much space to you need?

Some of the invited kid's parents might show up for the show. Are they going to be bored?

What do you wear?

My child's birthday is in the winter. What happens if it snows and I have to cancel the party?

If the weather is nice, can you do the magic show outside?

You mention how the birthday child becomes the 'star of the show'. This is great, however my child is very shy. How do you handle shy kids?

I've heard horror stories of other parents who hired entertainment that was late or even didn't show up. What assurances do I have that this won't happen to me?

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Best wishes for a great birthday party!

Franc Karpo

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