Easy Magic Tricks For Kids To Perform
That Looks Like Real Magic!

The following free card magic trick is one of many very easy magic tricks for kids that will they will love to perform for their friends. It's called...

The Enchanted Card

The setup: This easy magic tricks for kids is totally impromptu. The only requirement is a deck of cards.

Performance: Have someone take a deck of cards and shuffle them. Have them cut the deck in half and choose either half. “Place your half behind your back, like this.” (Put your half behind your back to demonstrate.)

Now tell your helper to keep the deck behind his back and pick out a card and look at it. While they’re looking at the card, with your cards still behind your back, flip your bottom card face up leaving it at the bottom, and then flip the second card from the top face up leaving it in the same spot.

"Remember the card you selected and place it on top of your half."

Have your helper give his half deck to you. Once you have it, put your deck on top of their half and give it back to the person. (At this point the second card from the top is reversed, a card in the middle is reversed and the card right under that one is their selected card.)

"Place the deck behind your back and remove the top card." Say, perhaps you may think that I somehow know what that top card is, so place it on the bottom of the deck.

(With the deck still behind their back), have your helper turn the next card face up, (they'll actually be turning it face down) and insert it anywhere in the deck.

"Let's recap. You selected one card and placed it somewhere in the deck. I don't know what your card is, and neither one of us knows where it is!" (OK, it's a little lie 🙂 "Then, you reversed one card and also placed that into the deck, losing that card also."

Key Points:

  1. This trick is dead easy to do, as long as you follow it step by step. Just go over it a few times by yourself and you’ll have it down.
  2. When you ask for their half of the deck, (right after you reversed the two cards in your half), make sure you keep the cards squared up so the reversed cards don't flash!

Have fun with this easy magic tricks for kids!

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