Halloween Kid Costume & Halloween Party Ideas That Will Help Make Your Kids Party Amazingly Fun

Finding a great Halloween kid costume can be quite the challenge. Summer is over, the kids are back in school and the next thing you know Halloween is just right around the corner.

In between working, soccer practice and everyday household duties, it's hard to find the time to the perfect Halloween kid costume.

If you wait to the last minute like many parents do, you have go to the local department or kid party store and all the best costumes are gone and at that point you try to talk your child into wearing some lame Halloween costume that they won't like. (Good luck 🙂 )

I've done hundreds of Halloween kids magic shows in the past few years, and realized that the best costumes were found on-line.

Planning a Halloween party is stressful enough, so to help make parents Halloween costume hunting a piece of cake, I've researched some of the Internet's best Halloween kid costume and Halloween party ideas...

The Web's Best Halloween Kid Costume Store

Buy Costumes is the world’s largest Internet costume store. This is the Internet's mega-superstore of Halloween costumes! (Think Wal-Mart... great prices, service and selection.) Not only do the have the largest selection Halloween kid costumes, they also have a huge inventory for adult costumes as well.

Nows the time to order all the latest movie theme costumes, before they sell out. Click here to find the perfect Halloween Kid costume.

They have all every Halloween costume you can think of, they have all the necessary accessories as well, including costumes for dogs! (Pet lovers rejoice 🙂 )

Sweeps and Costumes

Another great option for your Halloween kid costume is ShindigZ... the Internet party supply superstore. They are having a discount promotion on Halloween costumes:

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Halloween Party Ideas To help Make Your
Halloween party The Best Ever

Halloween Party Theme: Halloween Pumpkin Harvest Party

Decorations: use pumpkin leaf bags, and orange pumpkin lights. Spider Webs with plastic spiders, etc. can go just about anywhere. Decorate the entryway like a haunted house complete with a black cat and an animated witch for the entryway. (Also have Halloween music playing in the background.) While the children are arriving, do Halloween face painting... paint pumpkins, bats, and ghost etc. on the kids faces.

If your going to have a Halloween kid costume, you'll also need to carve that pumpkin. For great instructions on carving pumpkins for Halloween parties without cutting yourself :-), check out: Carving Pumpkins for Halloween parties. There you find everything you need to know about carving Halloween pumpkins!

In the backyard under the trees put real pumpkins and plastic pumpkins to make a pumpkin patch, along with a scarecrow, and balloons. Decorate the table with tablecloth, napkins, plates and cups that had cute little pumpkin faces on them.

For the invitations scan a napkin that has little pumpkin faces to make the background of the invitation like a pumpkin patch. Halloween Game: play pin the steam on the pumpkin. have a Halloween theme streamer with each kids name on it and have the kids play pin the steam on the pumpkin blind folded.

One of the best Halloween party ideas that I've found is a web site where you can print out your own Halloween printables, such as coloring sheets, invitations. etc. It's really cool - check it out... Halloween Kid Costume Print-ables

Food: make sandwiches from orange colored bread (order from your local bakery), Halloween Chicken Noodle Soup (Campbell's), Orange Pop, and Cheese Puffs.

Caramel Apples: just wrap caramel sheets around the apple and stick in the stick. Very easy to do for the kids.

Green Guts: boil spaghetti and color it with green food coloring. (Kids love this :-). In a deep large pot I placed the spaghetti covered with olive oil (to make is slimy) along with colored gum-balls and eyeball gum-balls (with the wrapper on). The kids had to reach in the guts and grab out only an eyeball. They had to keep trying until they had the eyeball. (Place a lot of colored gum-balls and only one-eyeball gum-balls for each kid.) This is also a great photo op!

Ghoulishly Fun Halloween Party Ideas...

Bone Hunt: buy plastic skeletons from the dollar store and take them apart. Place the bones all around the pumpkin patch and have the kid hunt for the bones. They then have to put the skeleton back together will all the bones they found. As a reward give ALL the kids a Halloween party prize for playing the game. (Everybody wins!)

Mummy Wrap: use toilet paper and have the kids wrap each other up like a mummy.

Pumpkin Picking and Drawing: Have each kid got to run to the pumpkin patch and pick out a real pumpkin and then draw a face on it with makers. They got to take the pumpkin home to carve with there parents.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest: have each kid got to run back into the pumpkin patch and pick out a pumpkin. have a contest to see you can decorate the scariest, silliest pumpkin face.

Pumpkin Piñata: This is probably kids favorite activity at any party. (I think besides the candy, children really enjoy the stress release from whacking the Piñata. Good for adults as well 🙂

For a great source for piñatas for Halloween parties, check out: Amazingly Fun Halloween Piñatas!

Well, there you have it. I'm sure some of these ideas will get your creative juices flowing. Happy Halloween!!

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