How Our Kid Magic Trick Workshop Will Turn Your Kids Into The Next Harry Potter

Teaching kids magic with our kid magic trick workshop is a great way for children to have fun and develop their self confidence at the same time.

Kid Magic Trick Workshop

Sometimes it's hard to decide what type of entertainment is best for children. This is where our kid magic trick workshop fits in perfectly. Let's be honest. Kids love magic and they love to learn. What could be more natural than to have both?... a workshop that teaches kids magic tricks! Not only will your kids have a blast, they will talk about the fun exciting time they had for weeks to come.

The magic that your children will learn are simple and use common everyday items. Besides being a ton of fun, your children will improve skills that they can use their entire lives, such as:

  • Improved eye-hand coordination
  • Self esteem and self confidence booster
  • Developing social interaction skills
  • Fosters creativity…inspires their imaginations
  • Self esteem and self confidence booster
  • Teaches them mutual respect and courtesy

Results You Can Expect - Guaranteed

Our kid magic trick workshop is guaranteed to be successful and fun. We take it very seriously. So seriously in fact that we give you our 100% Rock Solid Satisfaction Guarantee. If after the magic workshop, you don’t feel we delivered the following results, you get the program for free:

Kids Magic Workshop
  1. Your children will learn some great magic.
  2. Your children will be involved.
  3. Your children will be amazed.
  4. Your children will have a great time.
  5. Your children will be thoroughly entertained.

We make this guarantee because out of the thousands of programs, no one has ever requested their money back. In fact many of our clients use our services year after year and recommend us to others.

"Franc, it was the best after school enrichment program we've ever had."

- Lisa DiDonato PTA
McGlynn School - Medford, MA

"Bonaparte held a magic workshop for our Scout den and it was amazing! The scouts were mesmerized by the tricks that Bonaparte demonstrated, and were thrilled to learn some tricks from Bonaparte that they can perform on their own. Bonaparte was able to take common everyday objects and--using them as props—teach the boys amazing, mind-blowing magic!"

"The children were completely awestruck by Bonaparte's magic workshop, and delighted that they would be able to pass along the magic to their family and friends by performing tricks of their own. It was a 1 hour workshop, packed with fun, learning and entertainment!"

- Kathy Sveen
Den Leader Cub Scout Pack 52, Den 14, Dover, MA

"Last year we were fortunate enough to have Bonaparte teach his fun-filled Magic Workshop at our Middle School. This year, we offered the course to the Hosmer Elementary School and the response was overwhelming!"

"We had a record-breaking enrollment of 28 students and the enthusiasm is contagious. Bonaparte’s dedication to ensuring that the Magic Class content is both educational and fun is apparent. The students look forward to Magic & More each week!"

– Rita Foglia
Program Coordinator Courses for Kids, Watertown Schools, Watertown, MA

"Franc. thank you so much for your involvement in our Activity camp. We received many great compliments from both children and parents about your kid magic trick workshop."

"Your 'magic' was so much fun for the kids that we’ll have you back soon for a future camp activity."

- Jennifer Tyus
Steve Parker, Basin Recreation

Our Kid Magic Trick Workshop Includes:

Every child will learn easy fun kid magic tricks that they can have a great time with their friends and parents. Kids need more quality time with their parents!

Some of the kids magic tricks that they will learn are:

  • How to make objects disappear and reappear
  • How to have one solid object penetrate another
  • How to appear to read minds and predict the future
  • How to cause objects to float mysteriously inthe air and much more…!

In the Magic & More Course, the students will, at times, be introduced to ‘professional’ props that help make the magic happen. But more importantly, they will learn to do magic anytime, anywhere with everyday household objects—often borrowed from members of their audience!

In other words…it’s like Real Magic!

OK, Everything Sounds Great… How Much Does It Cost?

We don't put the cost/investment here on this web site because the cost depends on a number of factors: number of kids, location, and whether you need more than one workshop.


It’s Very Easy To Bring This Kid Magic Trick Workshop
To Your School, Library, Party, etc.

Simply fill out the following on-line form with the details about your event, and we will contact you with all the details about the Kid Magic Trick Workshop, including the investment, availability and additional testimonials.

Magic show information

If you'd like to personally talk to an Amazing Kids Magic Representative about your kid magic trick workshop, simply call 978-274-5613.



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