Kid Party Ideas To Help Make Your
Child’s Birthday Amazing!

With 32 years experience as a birthday party magicians and party planners, we have accumulated tons of kid party ideas and party tips to make your birthday party stress free and fun.

We are sure the following kid birthday party ideas will aid you in your birthday party planning.

It’s a very important day in your child's life and they deserve our very best!

kids party tips

Kid Party Ideas and Party Tips

Birthday Party Idea #1

Tie a bouquet of balloons around your mailbox or front of your house. A lot of parents already do this, but for those who don't, it's makes it a lot easier for anyone trying to find the house if they have never been to your home, (Not to mention the entertainer if you have one!)

Extra kid party idea: let the birthday child select the colors for the balloons. Anything you can do to get your child involved in the birthday party planning is great for their self-esteem and self-confidence. Kids really want to help out.

Birthday Party Idea #2

Protect your pets! Keep dogs, cats etc. separated from the party area. All it takes is one child to be bitten to ruin the birthday party and cause injury to a small child. (Not to mention a possible lawsuit.)

Birthday Party Idea #3

Involve the entire family in your birthday party planning. Siblings can sometime feel left out, neglected when it’s not their birthday. Perhaps an older child can be in charge taking pictures. Maybe one of the siblings can introduce the entertainer when it’s time for the show. Another might hang up coats or collect all the presents as children arrive. Another could help prepare refreshments, invitations etc. Be creative with your kid party ideas!

Birthday Party Idea #4
kid party ideas - pizza

What to serve for food? Easy to handle food such as hot dogs or the kids favorite, pizza! Apple juice is still the all time parents favorite. If your having an outdoor party, a really fun idea is to buy all the ingredients to make banana splits or sundaes and let the children create their own and let the kids run through the sprinkler or get hosed down after-wards. This is a favorite kid party idea with the young ones.

Birthday Party Idea #5

Since it's a birthday party, "you gotta have games." Here's a clever idea: dress up all the kids with extra large clothing. The children stuff their cloths with balloons and then have a very funny, silly relay race. Great photo opportunity! If you do have games and decide to have a reward or prize for the winner, make sure that; "everyone did so excellent that you're all winners" and give each child a prize. (A party tip worth it's weight in gold!) The key here is making the party memorable for everyone and not just the birthday child. Parents will thank you.

Birthday Party Idea #6

Here's a popular kid party tip: prepare your child for the party. You might play act or rehearse how you would like your child to answer the door, greet the guests and receive the presents. Discuss good manners and acceptable behavior for the party. It's also important to give your other children a little extra love on the day of the party, remembering the limelight is on the birthday child.

Birthday Party Idea #7

Entertainment? Hiring an entertainer for your child's party can really make the party experience for your child a memorable one. But how do you find an entertainer that will do an excellent job for you? The days of looking in the phone book are obsolete. With the explosion of the internet, your best bet is going on-line. All the top pros have a web site which contains valuable info about themselves and their entertainment... all at the click of a mouse. Here's a great kid party idea... try a internet search under kid party entertainment or birthday party entertainment.

Make sure to ask for testimonials and references for the age group of your child. This will separate the pros from the amateurs. If the entertainer is full time or if it's a part time hobby, could make a big difference. For full time performers it's their profession, their business, so generally they are more professional. Ask how long their show is and if they have different packages or extras etc. Most party entertainers shows run 30 to 45 minutes. Remember this is your chance to relax! Hey, mom needs a break too! (Best kid party idea of the day.)

Note: here's a valuable kid party tip: many parents are unsure about what they need to know when hiring a kids party entertainer. Check out my free report: The 5 Biggest Mistakes Birthday Party Parents Make And How To Avoid Them.

Birthday Party Idea #8

When you schedule a performer, try and have all the children ready to watch the performance at the time you agreed on. Some magicians, puppeteers etc. may be doing more than one birthday party that day and need to stay on schedule. (At times I'll do 3 or 4 on a Saturday or Sunday, so scheduling is very important). Also make sure the children have nothing in their hands. Toys, noisemakers, and party gifts can be a big distraction in your birthday party planning. If your performer has done a great job and the children really loved him/her, then tipping is appropriate and appreciated.

Birthday Party Idea #9

It's very important, not to mention common courtesy to send thank you notes or cards to all the guests. One of the best kid party ideas is to have a picture taken with the birthday child and each friend. When you get the film developed, order double prints and include a snapshot of the birthday child and each guest with the thank you note. You can even have the birthday child help make the thank you notes/cards. Your child will learn from an early age the importance of thank you notes and the parents of all your guests will love them.

Birthday Party Idea #10

I shouldn't have to mention this kid party idea, but if you're having an outdoor party, definitely have a back up plan in case of inclement weather.

Birthday Party Idea #11
birthday party supplies

Presents - You might want to consider having a large cardboard box handy to put presents in. The birthday child could decorate with bright colorful wrapping paper or simply color it. This adds a nice festive touch to the party and also shows off your child’s creative skills!

Birthday Party Idea #12

Parents ask me all the time, in what order should activities be planned. In the thousands of magic shows that I've done for birthday parties, I've found that the ideal order of events is to have the entertainer first, (The kids are so excited about having a live show, making them wait would not to a good thing. They would get to hyped up waiting.) After the entertainment most parents like to have the food if any followed by games. If you feed the kids before the magic show, some slow eating children might not be finished eating and this could be a distraction for the performer.

At this point your birthday party planning could go either way: have the presents opened followed by the traditional happy birthday singing and cake and ice cream. Or you could reverse it and have the presents last. I feel it's best to have the cake and ice cream last. Why not have the inevitable “sugar high” when it's time for all the children leave to go home. Trust me on this kid party idea :o)

Birthday Party Idea #13

This is a day that your child will always cherish. Don't forget to give him/her a big hug, thank them for being such a great helper with the party and tell them how much you love them. (Best kid party idea of them all!)


Plan a free evening for yourself after the party. Buy a pre-cooked meal, a beverage of your choice and choose a good film to watch. Then when the party has finished and the children are in bed, you can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet without having to think about cooking! You'll have just thrown a fantastic party – and you deserve a relaxing evening!

I hope you enjoyed reading... "Kid Party Ideas To Help Make Your Child’s Birthday Party Amazingly Successful." Feel free to bookmark this page for future reference.

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