Amazing new assembly program reveals...

“How Your Students Can Be Motivated
And Inspired To Be Their Best!”

"A guaranteed way to teach your students
simple life-long character building lessons
that inspire, energize and motivate"

Dear educator,

If you are interested in an easy and effective presentation to teach your students a proven way that will help unlock their potential and achieve their goals, then this is going to be the most exciting message you'll read this year!

Here’s why:

Children love to learn, but they don't want to be lectured at. I have an amazing program called, 'The Magic Within' that not only motivates and inspires kids… but entertains them at the same time!

My name is Franc Karpo. I specialize in presenting highly entertaining educational programs on life success principles for young people.

Here Are Three Good Reasons To Listen To Me...

  1. I'm a professional children's magician and speaker with over 20 years of experience. Creating high quality educational assembly programs for schools is one of my missions in life.
  2. I have extensive experience (over 1,000 shows) performing for children in all types of venues, i.e. schools, corporate events, holiday functions, etc., so I know what it takes to keep children’s attention.
  3. I am a full-time professional. Not a hobbyist. This is what I do to pay my bills and put food on the table. Believe me; you don't last in this business if you aren't exceptional at what you do.

Here's what one of my customers wrote:

"You were a great hit with the students and the teachers. We especially loved the way you inject comedy, fun and audience interaction in a high energy, entertaining educational performance. Your self esteem message was the best assembly we had this year!"

Danielle Towle
Hillsboro-Deering School, New Hampshire

How do I get amazing results like that?

I use fun-filled magic, hilarious comedy and tons of audience participation to get your students attention, open their minds, and inspire them to be the 'best that they can be.' I reveal all of this and more in my new assembly program.

The program is outstanding. Here’s a sample of what it reveals:

Here’s How My New Character Building
Motivational Program, 
'The Magic Within' Is

Going To Benefit You And Your Students

  • It's not what you look like on the outside that matters, it's who you are on the inside that's most important.
  • You can do anything in life that you want as long as you believe in yourself.
  • Never, ever give up even if you don’t at first succeed.
  • Why having high self esteem is important in achieving your goals.
  • A simple technique that teaches kids how to relax and focus.
  • Be responsible for all your actions.
  • Why it's important to have respect for everyone, (including yourself.)
  • Be a buddy not a bully!
  • Your students will discover all this and MUCH more during my electrifying "The Magic Within" assembly program.

Pretty amazing, don't you agree? But don't take my word for it. Here are more testimonials:

"The students and staff loved your presentation and had so much fun! Your combination of both magic and teaching the children the importance of getting along with others and having respect was well received and appreciated by everyone in attendance."

Sandra Smith
Whittier Elementary School

"Thank you for coming to our school and presenting your program. The students loved your presentation and are still talking about what a great time they had."

Lynn Cooper
Plymouth School

7 More Reasons Why You Should Bring
'The Magic Within' To Your School

  1. Smiles And Laughter. You'll see the smiles on your students faces and hear their laughter as they have fun while being inspired and motivated.
  2. Amazing Magic That Kids Love. Your kids will be amazed when handkerchiefs magically appear and disappear and the kids go wild when I turn one of them into a wizard just like Harry Potter.
  3. Clean Comedy. The comedy in the show is guaranteed to be clean and age appropriate. I use different types of humor depending upon the age levels at the assembly.
  4. Targeted To Your Grade Level. I've created several versions of the program... appropriate for different grade levels. (I also have a different show for Preschool kids.)
  5. Audience Participation. Your students are actively involved in the show through the magic, comedy and fun-filled audience participation. You'll feel their excitement as they eagerly volunteer to help with the program.
  6. Flexible Program Length. The typical program length is 45 minutes, but it can be adjusted to fit your school schedule.
  7. Self-Contained Program. This show is entirely self-contained. I even have a back-up sound system just in case your school doesn't have one.

"The students, teachers and parents really enjoyed your wonderful program and appreciated your message. Great show!"

Sundee Listello
Grant Elementary School

You've read details about the program content. You've read how I deliver the messages to your students. You've seen several testimonials from fellow educators. And you've seen me in action. However, in case you still have any doubts about the quality and effectiveness of this program, I'll completely guarantee it:

My Better Than Money Back Guarantee

Never bring any speaker or entertainer to your school who doesn't offer you a complete money-back guarantee.

This is the 'ultimate test' of whether someone has a strong conviction about what they're offering or if they're just full of hot air. If a presenter really believes in the quality of their program, they shouldn't hesitate to guarantee it.

“My guarantee is simple and straightforward.
If you’re not completely satisfied that my program
entertained your students and taught them life-long
lessons, you get 100% of your money back PLUS…I
WILL DONATE $100 TO YOUR school fund!"

That's right. You get the complete fee refunded plus hundred dollars! I can't be fairer than that, can I? There's no risk for your school whatsoever. But here's the truth:

If you read all the testimonials I've given you, you know that you don't have anything to worry about. You won't be disappointed. You won't want your money back. In fact, out of the thousands of programs I've done, no one has ever requested their money back!

The point is you will be thrilled with the program – guaranteed.

"I wanted to take the time to thank you for your recent visit to our school to present your 'The Magic Within' Program. The children really loved watching your magic while learning strategies to promote friendships and interactions in our school"

"I was particularly impressed with the ways you adjusted your program to meet the needs of our different grade levels . You were very successful in maintaining ALL of the students attention!"

"The students are still talking about the program! They have come up with many ideas about how you performed your magic, but my favorite is the answer from of one of the kindergarteners…"It's just magic

Gary Reese
Linscott-Rumford Elementary, Woburn, MA

But that’s not all… You also get this FREE Bonus:

Master Copy Of The Teacher's Study Guide

As an educator, you know that continued reinforcement of the message is the key to making it stick. I provide you with a study guide that you can reproduce for your teachers. Besides recapping the entire presentation, it provides pre and post-program ideas for your teachers.

Let's recap… with ‘The Magic Within' program, your students are...

  • Guaranteed to learn powerful motivational messages that will build character and inspire them to be 'be the best they they can be.'
  • You will get a free teacher's study guide to aid in preparing the students.
  • The program will be fun and include amazing magic, hilarious comedy and tons of audience participation.

Here's How Easy It Is To Bring The
'The Magic Within' To Your School

The easiest way to schedule my program for your school is to simply fill out the following online form and I'll get back to you with additional details including rates and program options.

Or if you'd prefer, simply email me, call 978-274-5613, and we can work out a date that's convenient for your school. If you have any questions or need additional information, I'll be happy to help you.

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    WARNING: Available dates are extremely limited. I urge you to contact me today so you and your students don't miss out on the ‘The Magic Within'.

    Have an AMAZING day!
    Franc Karpo
    Amazing Kids Magic

    P.S. Remember, if you don't feel that this program motivated and inspired your students, you get your complete fee refunded plus I'll donate $100 towards your school fund. What other speaker offers a guarantee like that? Call me today at 978-274-5613, or fill out the online form.

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