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March Madness Magic

‘Name Your Price’


Leprechaun with Gold

2 Big Reasons to 'Name Your Price' Now and not Tomorrow!

  1. The final eligible date for the ‘Name Your Price' Discount is Friday April 15th. Don't wait till the last minute or the date and time that you prefer may already be spoken for.
  2. We are limiting the number of 'Name Your Price' slots to 15 this year. Therefore, if you wait too long we may have reached our maximum number of 15—and you would have to wait for the next Name Your Price Offering for your area—which may not be for several years!

Bonaparté's Award-Winning Magic Programs Include:

  • Amazing Magic
  • Hilarious Comedy
  • And Oodles of Audience Participation!

Plus, the show features the dramatic appearance of ‘Brownie’
The Adorable Fuzzy Bunny!

Bonaparte Frisky

If you have not yet witnessed Bonaparté's Magic first-hand, you are in for a Fun-Filled Treat.

Child Care Professionals Love Bonaparté!

Our students simply adore Bonaparté. His dazzling magic and whimsical wit appeal to the child in all of us. It is a rare treat to watch him amuse and amaze the children with his extraordinary talent. It should come as no surprise that Bonaparté is widely considered to be New England's most popular Children's Performer. We look forward to bringing him back each year!

Diana Dupuis, Director
Dover-Sherborn Child Development Center

Bonaparté had every child in stitches. They were thoroughly drawn into his magical world of wonder. Even our shyest students were screaming in delight -eager to participate. We can hardly wait to have him back.

Patrice Thornberg, Co-Director
The Pre-School Experience

Bonaparté - everyone had a great time at your performance on Saturday! This makes two years in a row that you delighted the children from our Preschool, their families and friends-with your amazing comedy and magic.

Thank you so much for bringing smiles to the faces of all the kids and the adults too! They enjoyed you just as much as the youngsters.

We look forward to bringing you back in the future!

Lisa Fair, Parent Coordinator
Norwood Christian Preschool

Kids Love Bonaparté!

happy kids

(This photo is from an actual Bonaparté Birthday Magic Performance.)

The Press Loves Bonaparté…!


"Bonaparté adds mystery, excitement and fun..."


"Bonaparté astonishes..."


"The World's Hottest Kids Magician...!"

Your Students Will Love Bonaparté Too!

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With this ‘Name Your Price’ Offer there are No Gimmicks and No Hidden Fees.

You simply name the price that you can comfortably afford in order to bring
New England’s Hottest Magician to your Child Care Center or After School Program!

For practical reasons, there are some restrictions. In order to be eligible for this exciting offer, your Entertainment Program:

  1. Is subject to Bonaparté's availability.
  2. Must be within a 30 mile radius of Bonaparté's base of operations in Boston, MA. (Outside of 30 miles will require a travel fee—to be determined by the distance. ($50.00 minimum fee.)
  3. Must be a midweek Program and the expiration date is April 15th, 2016.
  4. Must allow the flexibility to reschedule the event to an alternate, mutually agreeable, date or time if the necessities of Bonaparté's schedule require such an adjustment.
  5. Must not be a Special Event, a Date-Specific Event or a 'For Pay' Event. This Offer is for a general Enrichment Program.

If you are planning an Event and looking for a great deal, you can still feel free to enter a suggested fee and of course, we will try to accommodate you or come close. However, we cannot guarantee the 'Name Your Price' fee.

Naturally, the most important thing that we ask from you is to be realistic and fair in determining your budget for this Magical Treat-but No Fee Will Be Refused-You Really Do 'Name Your Price!'


I want to be fair—but I am not familiar with Bonaparté's Standard Rates. How do I determine a fair ‘Name Your Price' Offer?


Thanks for asking. 🙂 Like most Professional Entertainers—Bonaparté offers a wide range of Fee Options that are based on a number of variables that include:

  1. The Performance Format.​
  2. The Length of the Program.
  3. The Date and Time of the Event. Is it Weekend or Weekday? Peak Season or Non-Peak Season?
  4. The Travel Distance.
  5. In this case we are offering a Mind-Blowing 40 Minute Magic Concert that will occur midweek during a non-peak season. The lowest fees that Bonaparté accepts for similar engagements are his fees for Kid's Birthday Magic Concerts and Child Care Centers - which typically range from $375.00 to $575.00.


Does this mean that I have to offer a fee close to $375.00?


No. Not at all. This is a 'Name Your Price' Offer—but knowing that the program that you are booking as a treat for your students has a commercial value of at least $375.00 may factor into your Offer.


How long is the show?


Our full rate standard preschool/child care center show is 45 minutes. Even though this special Name Your Price offer would be lower than our standard rate, there is no sacrifice on quality. You get the same full 45 minute Action-Packed Amazing Program!

Well…this all sounds terrific.

where do i go

Where do I go from here?

Simply fill out the form below and enter the fee that your School or Organization can comfortably afford.

It’s that simple.

No hassle, no negotiation, and absolutely no compromise on quality.

You can also contact Bonaparté
at (617) 561-9152
or [email protected]

A Representative will get back to you to confirm Bonaparté's availability.*

It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Please fill in all fields. If not, you will receive an 'error' message and have to begin again.

Your Name
Email (Double Check)
School or Organization
Zip Code
Preferred Date
Preferred Start Time
Number of Children
Name Your Price!

Additional Comments

Use this space to inform us of anything else relevant to your event, such as... approximate age range of the kids, special needs, etc.

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