Magic Show Photos

Kids magic cookies.- Abra...

Making cookies appear by magic!

Kids magic cookies - kidabra!

One of the kids favorite tricks

Kids magic cookies - kidabra!

After 28 years in this business... I still finish my kids magic show by making a bunny appear.

I do it every single time for a kids or family audience. There is no better way for a BIG finish!

Fluffy and balloon flower

Children love the cute adorable bunny!

Birthday balloon fun

Birthday party magic shows can appeal to all ages!

Kids are 100% fully engaged in the magic show

I don't remember what I actually doing at this point in the show... but the kids loved it!

My show can be adapted to appeal to any group and all age groups... even adults. 🙂

The Kids Sure Love Fluffy the Bunny...
Especially when they pet her!

My all-time favorite photo!

The perfect photo-op moment!

Even though the kids have a blast...
I still maintain control! 🙂

Going over the ground rules before we start having fun!

Happy Kids At My 'The Magic Within'
Elementary School Program In Massachusetts

elem school

52 West Eagle St
Boston, MA 02128