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Magic Show Photos

Kids magic cookies.- Abra...

Making cookies appear by magic!

Kids magic cookies - kidabra!

One of the kids favorite tricks

Kids magic cookies - kidabra!

After 20 years in this business... I still finish my kids magic show by making a bunny appear.

I do it every single time for a kids or family audience. There is no better way for a BIG finish!

Fluffy and balloon flower

Children love the cute adorable bunny!

Birthday balloon fun

Birthday party magic shows can appeal to all ages!

Kids are 100% fully engaged in the magic show

I don't remember what I actually doing at this point in the show... but the kids loved it!

My show can be adapted to appeal to any group and all age groups... even adults. 🙂

The Kids Sure Love Fluffy the Bunny...
Especially when they pet her!

My all-time favorite photo!

The perfect photo-op moment!

Even though the kids have a blast...
I still maintain control! 🙂

Going over the ground rules before we start having fun!

Happy Kids At My 'The Magic Within'
Elementary School Program In Massachusetts

elem school

52 West Eagle St #1347
Boston, MA 02128