Toddlers Birthday Party – Is A Magic Show The Right Option?

If you are looking for birthday party entertainment for toddlers,
(ages 2 and 3), is a magic show a good idea?

Our Interactive Kids Magic Show is ideally suited for children ages 4 years old and Up. We don’t want your confused toddler to experience this…

toddlers birthday party

Or worse like this…

crying toddler

We want them to follow the magic show and enjoy the entire show.

Because magic is such a  visual medium, it requires a level of focus, sophistication and attention span that is greater than that possessed by most children under age four years.

If the birthday child and the majority of the guests will be under 4 years, I recommend that you wait until they reach the four year mark to have us as their birthday party entertainer.

***If you looking for entertainment for ages 4 and older, click here.

At age 4 years and older, the children will be able to fully comprehend the magic and silly antics. Plus, kids that age will be more prepared to participate enthusiastically in…Making the Magic Happen!

In fact, they will look like this...

kids birthday magician

Or this...

magician for kids birthday party

You May Be Thinking...

I heard from a friend that you do provide magic entertainment for toddlers at kids parties.

Yes... there are exceptions.

In cases where the Guest of Honour is only 2 years or 3 years of age—but most of the guests will be older siblings, cousins and grandparents— we will be happy to accommodate your request for our magic entertainment at your child's birthday party.

birthday party parent

We accept such engagements as long as you are fully aware that the birthday child and any other kids under age four may lose focus quickly and not fully appreciate the magic show.

In those circumstances, we focus the presentation primarily on the children who have reached the appropriate age.

The choice is up to you.

Either way, we have you covered!

1) If you decide that there will be enough children old enough to enjoy the show, great! Let’s proceed. Fill out and submit the online form below for more information—including packaging and pricing.

2) If you decide to postpone the magic until the birthday child is at least 4 years old—no worries!

Because we can refer you to some excellent
entertainment better suited for ‘Toddlers’

ist birthday party ideas for entertainment

Our Agency - Magic and More Productions, works with an impressive roster of Variety Entertainers--including some of the finest Children Musicians in the Boston area! We can provide top quality activities for toddlers.

Your toddler and their guests will smile as they listen to familiar Kids Tunes sung by these creative Kid-Friendly Musical Entertainers. Plus, they will have an opportunity to sing and dance along—and perhaps even shake a tambourine, wave maracas, bang cymbals or have fun with other musical instruments!

Our magic shows get even better from one year to the next—so your child will have plenty of other opportunities to be the Star of the Amazing Kids Magic Birthday Magic Show when they turn 4, 5, 6 or older.

Simply fill out the ‘No Obligation’ Online Form below—for more information on booking our Birthday Magic Show—or to get referrals to qualified Children’s Musicians and entertainment for a toddlers birthday party.

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    Click here for some excellent general advice about toddler party entertainment.

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