Having A Zoom Birthday Party Magician For Your Child's Celebration Will Be Amazing and Super-Fun!

With A Zoom Birthday Party Magician, You Don't Have to Let Covid Ruin Your Child's Special Day

Booking entertainment for kids birthday party is a sure-fire way to make the celebration amazing and fun.  

However, many in-person performances are cancelled  until who knows when, the days of parents providing a magician, clown, etc., for their kids parties have disappeared for now.

The challenge is that with their busy  lifestyles, parents are under way too much pressure and stress to find the time and resources to find an excellent Zoom birthday party magician.

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Because of Covid, Your Child's Birthday Party Options Are Limited And Run The Risk Of Having A Boring Party 

Your child's birthday is one of the most important days of their life. And to have them not experience the Amazement and Excitement of awesome entertainment can be a total bummer.

However... We Can Help

The stress-free solution is simple...

Amazing Virtual Show With
Zoom Birthday Magician Franc Karpo!

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My Virtual Magic Show is the perfect solution for parents looking for an Interactive,
Zoom birthday party magician right from the comfort of their home.

Easy and Hassle-Free and the same outstanding show as the in-person
performance. Plus you will save tons of money too!

What Birthday Parents Are Saying About Franc Karpo

Zoom party magic

“The children talked about your amazing show for days!”

“I wanted to tell you how impressed we were and how much your  magic show was appreciated by the parents and children. You are definitely a professional and used to this age group! ”

“I was kind of worried about doing a Zoom party, but you  handled the group with ease, and they were truly delighted by your show! Thank you so much for helping  make Chris' day so special. I don't think he stopped smiling all afternoon! ”

Kelly Baker
Birthday Parent
Belmont, MA
Special offer! Book now for your Whopping Discount!
Zoom birthday party

“Thank you ... the children raved about your Zoom magic show"

“Thanks so much, that was *amazing*. These kids were all one class last year, and now are in three classes (1 in person, two remote) due to the pandemic. They get to see each other in school but they don't get to be silly. So thank you so much for an awesome birthday experience.”

Stefanie Tellex
Birthday Parent
Cambridge, MA

Why A Magic Virtual Show?

Interactive & Engaging

I present the Zoom magic show as if I am performing before an live audience, so your kids will experience the same exciting verbal interaction as my in-person shows.

Hassle-Free & Easy

No more worries about booking a venue,  or having 15-20 kids running around in your home and dealing with post party clean-up. Simple access... hassle-free. Doesn't this sound great?

Amazing Magic & Comedy

With my virtual magic show, your children will experience the wonders of Entertaining Magic and non-stop Hilarious comedy.

The magic show's big finale features a surprise magical appearance of a cute and  adorable bunny!

Budget Friendly

Because I am bringing my magic show online, I don't have the usual travel time, gas cost, setup/breakdown time.

My virtual  show is cost effective, which means I can price the program at a special Discounted Rate.

Here Is What Will Happen When You Sign Up

  • Step 1: Fill out the Registration Form And Select Your Date And Time
    Select your preferred date and time to reserve your Zoom birthday party magician. If your slot is not available. We will get back to you to discuss an alternate date and time.
  • Step 2: Email Correspondence With Additional Details
    Then, you will receive an email from us requesting additional info to reserve the booking. (If we are not available, we will suggest an alternate date, and/or time.)
  • Step 3: Payment And Letter Of Agreement
    I will send a PayPal payment request for the performance fee and email a letter of agreement that you can simply e-sign.
  • Step 4: Joining The Live Performance
    Several email reminders go out before the date with login link and details, so you can join in the live video with your computer, phone, tablet, etc., and your children will have an awesome time with our Zoom birthday party magician Magic Show!
  • Step 5: Post Show With Franc Karpo*
    After the show, the children can Video chat with me and Benny the bunny until the conclusion of the video presentation. (This generally runs about 5 minutes.)

    *Only available with the one hour Deluxe Package.

With The Deluxe Package, You Get
Two Magicians For The Price Of One!

This is a joint collaboration with Franc Karpo and Bonaparté, Boston's Hottest Magician. We alternate 'wowing' your children with Amazing Magic, and take turns running the Zoom Spotlight feature.

Virtual kids party entertainment

Boston Hottest Magician

Another Birthday Party Rave Review...

birthday party mom

Amy Starmer

Westwoord. MA

“Thank you so much for your note. We were beyond thrilled with the show. It was so great to see all the kids cracking up and having such a great time and definitely put me at ease to know I didn't have to worry about them being entertained! Thank you for all the helpful communication leading up to the party as well which was reassuring as well.”

About Franc Karpo 

Franc's Kids Magic Show features Amazing Magic, Hilarious Comedy, Loads of audience participation and the dramatic appearance of Benny, an adorable bunny!

The kids will shout and laugh with excitement as Franc draws them into his Amazing Wonderful World of Magic!

I Know What You Are Thinking... How Much Is it?

The standard rates for the In-Person birthday show are $375.00 and $475.00.
However, because this is a Zoom magic Show and we don't have to...

  • Travel to the event location
  • Unload our equipment
  • Set-up the show
  • Pack up after the show
  • Travel back home, or to another performance

Plus - we are all struggling and I don't 
want price to be an issue, so...

We can offer you the following Whopping Discounted Packages:

Double Arrows
Basic package

30 Minute Magic Show



  • Amazing Magic
  • Hilarious Comedy
  • Adorable Fluffy Bunny
deluxe package

45 Minute Magic Show



  • Amazing Magic
  • Hilarious Comedy
  • Adorable Fluffy Bunny
  • Two Amazing Magicians
  • Post show with Franc and Bonaparté 

* Upon request, we can keep the Zoom meeting running 5-10 minutes
after the show to do a cake presentation, singing happy birthday, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any performance videos that I can watch?

How do I connect to the live video. Do I need any special equipment?

Is there a limit to number of people attending the virtual magic show?

If I have any guests who cannot attend, is there access to a replay?

What devices can we use to watch the show?

In the Deluxe package, how do I access the coloring sheet?

First Birthday Party Entertainment

Personal note from Franc Karpo

With all that is going on with the Coronavirus, I am excited to offer a virtual show for children and families and can guarantee that your children will have an amazing time!

Speaking of guarantees... All of my shows come with a full 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Franc Karpo

52 West Eagle St #1347
Boston, MA 02128

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